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What to do with in-between hair

What to do with in-between hair

Since my hair grew back, I’ve been keeping it short. The idea of growing it longer does appeal, but what invariably happens is that my hair grows to the “annoying” stage where it resembles a weird cross between Princess Di and a 1980’s football legend mullet, and I get fed up, frustrated, and go get it cut short again.

However, I really want my bob back, and so I am determined to power through and persevere with getting my hair to grow past my ears.

This means I have an inevitable “awkward” phase which I am currently trying to manage, that has become the inspiration for this weeks “Look of the week”

The good thing, is that according to all the fashion gurus out there, hair accessories are a huge trend right now – the bigger, bolder and mismatch-ier the better. Which is great news for those of us trying to keep our mullets under control, and transition from short to long. In the video below, I am going to show you a super-easy way to tame the mullet, AND be at the cutting edge of fashion to boot!

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