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Tropic Skin Care through treatment

Tropic Skin Care through treatment
Tropic Skin Care through treatment

I’ve talked before about how important it was to switch to a natural beauty regime and stop the nasty chemicals on my skin. This article is an introduction to Tropic Skin Care and how the products helped me through treatment.

My first experience of Tropic Skin Care was the Feel Fresh deodorant – sent to me by a friend when I first got diagnosed. I was skeptical about whether a natural deodorant would actually work… to my surprise and delight, it did. As I started to try more products I became a huge fan, so much so that I became an independent ambassador for Tropic Skin Care.

These products are absolutely brilliant; award winning, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and I found them a massive help to me (and hopefully also you) through treatment.

These products are available to purchase through my online Tropic shop which can be found by clicking the link below.

Here is my synopsis of which products I feel are go-to staples during treatment:

My Tropic Skin Care recommendations for Chemotherapy

  • So Sleepy pillow mist – steroids and stress can make sleeping a challenge. This amazing pillow spray is brilliant at helping to calm your mind and supporting sleep
  • Tropic Skin Care Signature hand wash and hand lotion – the hand wash smells amazing without being overpowering (handy when you are feeling nauseous) and is anti-bacterial (great for depressed immune systems) whilst the hand lotion is ultra-hydrating which will help dry, stressed out skin
  • Alternatively, the Superfood hand therapy is a more portable hand cream, for soothing hydration on the move
  •  Nail nectar – chemotherapy is known for affecting the nails. Apart from dark nail varnish, regular application of a nail oil will help dry brittle nails and reduce the chance of lifting.
  • Lip love – ultra hydrating lip balm. Apply regularly to keep dry cracked lips at bay!
  • ABC Collection – a skincare staple, this is your ultra-gentle complete skincare regime in a box, which will help give you your glow back. Plus the vitamin toner mist is brilliant when a hot flush hits to help cool you down. With the option to pick which face mask is included, my personal recommendation is to go for the Deep Hydration mask option for its cooling, calming and hydrating effects.
  • If you are cold capping, the  clarifying hair wash is ultra-gentle on your delicate hair
  • Tropic Skin Care Factor 50 Skin shade – natural, ultra effective sun protection as chemotherapy can make your skin very reactive to the sun
  • The orginal Tropic Skin Care product Body smooth – for those days when you wake up and your skin has turned lizard-like whilst you slept!
  • Tropic Skin Care Body Love body lotion – for the same reason as the body smooth!
  • Tropic Skin Care Brow Define Palette – for filling in/faking eyebrows. If you are not confident with brow make up, the perfect brow collection comes with an eyebrow applicator brush and stencils for perfect brows every time!
  • Tropic Skin Care Lash extension kit – although it is best to go without mascara during chemo, some days a girl just needs her lashes! This natural, gentle gel mascara with extension fibres will help give the impression of fuller, longer lashes

My Tropic Skin Care Recommendations for Radiotherapy

  • Tropic Skin Care Body wash – available in 5 fragrances (including something for the guys) this luxurious, creamy body wash is PH neutral making it super gentle on your skin
  • Feel fresh deodorant – gentle, hydrating, effective and free of harsh chemicals. Ideal if you are having radiotherapy anywhere near your armpits
  • Award winning Tamanu balm – a little skincare superhero. Perfect for skin in distress. Healing, calming balm which is perfect for radiated skin. Also brilliant on scars to reduce their appearance. Apply regularly
  • Nourishing hair cleanser and scalp massager – because by this point you may well be concerned with how your hair is regrowing. Gentle, nourishing (just in case you have chemo-frizz) and the scalp massager helps to stimulate your scalp.

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