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The Girl That Had Cancer

The Girl That Had Cancer

When I was diagnosed, one of my big concerns was my children, and how they would cope. As teenage girls, I was worried that they understood too much. It is hard being a mum and going through cancer treatment.

Cancer strips you bare, and it is difficult to put on a brave face or hide how you are feeling – with kids they see and feel everything, and can tell when the truth is being withheld. So my approach was to just be open and honest with my girls…

My eldest daughter is an incredibly talented photographer and is studying for an HND in photography. As is the case with many artists, she uses elements of her personal life as inspiration for her work. The following video is the result of a major project she undertook for her studies.

I can’t watch it without crying, but I am so proud of what she has created. An incredibly sensitive, and beautiful, look at the concept of who is the person behind the cancer. It was inspired by my rants about not wanting to be defined by my illness, and how all people saw when they looked at me, with my bald head and picc line, was cancer.

Featuring four cancer thrivers (including me, blush!) the aim of the project was to show that we are so much more than our illness, that cancer may have changed us, but will never define us. That we will always be so much more than “That girl that had cancer”

Make yourself a cup of tea, grab some tissues, put this full screen, take a watch, and then think about who you are and who you want to be moving forward.


Credit: Lauren Kennedy

Instagram: @l_kennedy_photography

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