Suburban Turban – “Annie” Wig Liner


Wigs can be great, but they can also be itchy and uncomfortable – especially on a “chemo-sensitive” scalp. When you have a fabulous wig, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to wear it because the itch drives you to distraction. Standard wig liners don’t cut it in this situation, and can sometimes make it worse.

This great wig liner is super-soft, and can help your wig fit a bit better or simply provide a soft barrier between your skin and the wig-netting.



Annie is a super soft wig liner made of skin tone viscose jersey. This practical item is constructed in such a way that it won’t ride up underneath your wig, or feel particularly tight around your head. The reason being it is cut in 3 sections to the shape of your head. There is a slight stretch to it, so it feels secure but the jersey has a gentle stretch return to it. It has a raw edge at the sides so you can easily fold the sides up over the ears or leave as is, without ‘bulky’ seams getting in the way. Katia is modelling it with the seams on the outside for maximum scalp comfort.


Viscose jersey-92% viscose / 8%elastane.


Washable by hand or by machine at 30C. No need to press, just shake and leave to dry. Viscose content be aware of naked flames.