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Recipe: smoothies for chemo

Recipe: smoothies for chemo

When I was going through chemo and felt really ill, the only way I could stop feeling sick was to eat, and combined with the steroids (which made me absolutely ravenous!) I spent a lot of time munching and thinking about food. It is no wonder I gained so much weight during treatment!

However, my tastebuds were completely against me, and often I would head for the fridge starving and a bit nauseous and everything made me feel ill just to look at it, and it was not uncommon to decide that what I really wanted was one thing, go to the trouble of preparing it, take one bite and declare that I couldn’t take another mouthful!

However, apart from peanut butter on toast, and ginger biscuits (the m&s fancy ones were particularly good) one option that worked really well for me on those days was smoothies. Not only are smoothies easy to make, they are also a really good way to get a lot of nutrition in to your body fast! Plus you can sip on them as you feel able rather than sitting down to eat a full meal – something that used to really make my stomach churn!

If you add things like hemp or chia seeds, oats or protein powder, then it can really bulk up the smoothie which can help if weight loss and not being able to bear the idea of eating is an issue too.

One option is of course to buy the pre-made smoothie mixes from the supermarket, which is a super easy option if you really don’t have the energy for preparing it all (or if you don’t have minions to do it for you) but it is much cheaper to make your own mix, plus you can tailor it better to your taste.

So to kick off our recipe of the week feature, I’m going to spoil you with not just one but a whole selection (!) of super-nutritious smoothie recipes.

Recipe: smoothies for chemo

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