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Recipe: Fatigue-Busting Chocolate Salty Energy Balls

Recipe: Fatigue-Busting Chocolate Salty Energy Balls

I don’t know if Chef from Southpark really was the original inventor of the chocolate salty ball (OK I admit that I’m a child in a grown woman’s body!) but these little balls of energy will keep you going for days (I’ll stop now!)

Innuendo aside, these no-bake, protein packed sweet treats are brilliant for a number of reasons:

  1. They are really simple to make and require zero cooking
  2. They will keep in the fridge for a week, and in the freezer for up to a month
  3. They are brilliant for filling you up when steroid hanger kicks in, plus the protein means it is hard to over-eat them
  4. Their sweet taste can cut right through most weird tastes that chemo can leave you with
  5. The honey is anti-bacterial (good for mouth ulcers)
  6. They are packed full of healthy nutritious stuff
  7. They provide a fabulous energy boost, but are way more nutritious than mainlining sweets, chocolate and caffeine as a way of fighting fatigue
  8. Most importantly, they are really yummy!

The recipe below is open to interpretation, which is how I like most of my recipes (because I’m a natural rule breaker innit!) so have a play. Add dried fruit, stem ginger, different types of nuts or seeds. Leave the cacao out, add chocolate chips in… It is up to you, and based on your personal tastes, and the sky is the limit! In the meantime, here is my basic recipe for chocolate salty balls (ooh-er missus!)

Recipe: Fatigue-Busting Chocolate Salty Energy Balls

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