Tropic Skin Care Hair Care

The Tropic Skin Care hair care range is ideal for those undergoing treatment – whatever stage in your treatment plan you are at.

The Clarifying Hair Wash is a sumptuous ph-balanced to cleanse and refresh oily hair from root to tip whilst being ultra-gentle – an ideal solution if you are cold-capping. The Nourishing Hair Cleanser contains ultra-nourishing ingredients and Vitamin B5 to help restore and reconstruct fragile hair – combined with the scalp massager this is the ideal solution for “new” hair and for helping to stimulate hair growth. Whilst the Hair Feast deep conditioning treatment and Radiance hair oil are perfect for keeping unruly chemo-curls and frizz under control.

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, or are not sure which product would suit you best, the hair care discovery kit offers travel friendly “mini” versions of each of the products enabling you to try the full range.

Check out the full range by visiting the Lions, Tigers and Bears Tropic Skin Care Shop and searching under Hair care or by using the “Search” box

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As good for the environment as it is for you, the Tropic Skin Care hair care range is full of sustainably sourced natural ingredients, free of all chemical nasties and toxins, paraben and SLS free, vegan society approved and cruelty-free.

Thanks to the richness and quality of the natural ingredients contained within, you will find that a little bit of Tropic goes a long way and you need far less product thank you may be used to with other brands.

Emma Kennedy (Founder and owner of Lions, Tigers & Bears) is an Independent Ambassador of Tropic Skin Care

If you have any questions or need any advice about the products, please contact [email protected]





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