Post-Surgery Drain Bag – Drain Dollies – Range of Patterns


After a mastectomy, you are generally sent home with one or more drains, carting these drains about is a pain – uncomfortable and annoying.

Designed by a double mastectomy patient, Drain Dollies are the perfect way to carry your drains post surgery. Each bag is designed specifically to fit over your shoulder for the drain to sit in without having to lift your arms or struggle.

In a range of patterns that are deliberately not medical or patient-y


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It is recommended that two Drain Dollies are used for a double mastectomy and one drain dolly for a single mastectomy. This is so that each bag can sit comfortably on your shoulder. Each Drain Dolly will fit more than one drain in if you have multiple drains on one side.

Bag:Approx 25cm x 25cm / Strap Length: 90cm


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Navy Spots, Pink Spots, Blue Floral, Dashhound Multi, Birds Multi