Tisserand Detox Bath Oil


To help revive the mind, body and skin. This refreshing blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils of purifying Juniper, stimulating Black Pepper and zesty Lemon to help invigorate circulation, firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.



Juniper essential oil has a refreshing and purifying aroma. This oil will help to warm and soothe tired muscles and encourage cleansing of the body.
Black Pepper essential oil has a spicy warm aroma. Ideal to help ease tired muscles and boost circulation.
Lemon essential oil has a sharp and uplifting fragrance. This oil will help awaken and stimulate the senses.

Add Tisserand Aromatherapy Bath Oil to a warm bath & swirl to disperse.

  • Fragranced with 100% natural pure essential oils
  • Free from parabens and other nasties
  • Created by aromatherapy experts using the purest essential oils

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