Daily Pillbox with Alarm


One thing you realise when undergoing treatment is that there is a lot of medication… tablets in the morning, in the afternoon, with food, before bed etc. It can be really hard keeping track of what to take when, and if you add chemo brain into the mix it can be nearly impossible!

This handy pill box organiser keeps everything straight and on-track with 4 separate compartments and up to 4 alarms throughout the day to make sure you never miss that all important medication.

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4 Grids: To keep up to 4 doses separate
12/24 hour clock options
4 separate settable alarms to remind you to take medication on time.
Alarm with “beep” sound and flashing icons.
Snooze Function: miss-alarm reminding.
One intelligent MEMO key can set.
Portable to carry for work, travel etc.

Color: White
Type: Pill Box + Timer
Power By: 1 * LR1120 Battery(Included)
Product Size: 10 * 7.5 * 1.6cm
Product Weight: 52g