There are many phenomenal charities supporting people with cancer in the UK and beyond. Whilst we would love to be able to support all of them it just isn’t possible, so we have had to be selective.

In choosing our chosen charity partners, we applied the following criteria:-

  • Small – the big well-known names in the cancer charity world get the lions-share of charity donations. Whilst we completely love and respect the work they do, we wanted to support small charities where our donation could make a big difference.
  • UK-based but with national impact –  whilst cancer is a global problem, as a UK-based company, we felt it was important that “support local” and focus our efforts on UK-based charities. This said we didn’t want to go “too” local so all of our charities have a nationwide impact.
  • Cancer-agnostic – there are over 200 different types of cancer (mind-boggling!). It didn’t seem fair to select any charities that only focused on just one type, so all of our charity partners work with people with all sorts of different types of cancer.
  • Support focused – Lions, Tigers & Bears is all about helping people to find their roar! Therefore it made sense to support charities whose primary goal is to provide support and help people to do the same.

How we help

30% of all profits on the site are donated to our charity partners (listed below). In addition, customers have the option of adding an additional donation to their order – 100% of these donations are split between our three partner charities.

Our Charity Partners

Our Charity Partners

Black Women Rising

Black Women Rising is a brilliant charity raising awareness and supporting members of the BAME community who have been diagnosed with cancer. They offer monthly peer-to-peer support groups, a weekly podcast, and magazine all focused on supporting their mission to educate, inspire and bring opportunities for women from the BAME community

Mummy's Star

Mummy’s Star is a fantastic charity and the only one in the UK and Ireland dedicated to women and their families when the mother is diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or shortly after a birth. Their aim is to support pregnancy through cancer and beyond.

Our Charity Partners
Our Charity Partners

Shine Cancer Support

Shine Cancer Support is an amazing charity which supports adults in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who have been diagnosed with cancer. They run workshops, events, and an annual conference and also offer 24/7 support via their Facebook groups and local networks.

We also donate when we can to the following (also awesome!) charities:

For more information about our charitable fund and charity policies, please contact us via email