Cucumber was born with the realisation that getting hot and sweaty is probably the last taboo.

Our mission is to help you keep you cool and stay stylish, day and night.

That’s us. We’re Cucumber and we’re here to help.

We’re not saying you won’t get hot, but with our cool as a Cucumber nightwear and clothing, it should be easier for you to get on with your days, and sleep through your nights.

Our intelligent fabric wicks your sweat away and its patented bacteria-eliminating properties make sure you stay deliciously fresh.

Cucumber offer a #nosweat solution for any woman who gets hot

Perfect if you are perimenopausal, menopausal, on mediacation or receiving cancer treatment.


We’re proud to say that Cucumber is 100% British made and we source as much as possible within the UK and will continue to do so.

We look after our supply chain and that includes looking after our workers – we will only ever pay fair wages – and preserving our planet for the next generation.

We are constantly looking at ways of reducing our footprint, without compromising on the end product. We use minimal extras (we've decided to take out the one use piece of tissue paper normally used for packing) and we’re hoping to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use to zero soon. We’re almost there.

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