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Moving forward guest blog: “What if…”

What if I could just stop for a moment, perhaps even pause time and just let all the thoughts inside my head fade away?

What if I could just feel like I had control for just a second, to really feel alive again?

What if could just lift my head and see the world around me instead of looking down or looking far ahead?

What if all these thoughts filled me with a sense of peace and belonging rather than dread and fear for the future? Continue reading Moving forward guest blog: “What if…”

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Toxic beauty, cancer and me – the story of a natural beauty revolution

I need to start this post with a confession… And I hate to say it, but… I’m a tart! There you go, it is out there. Call me vain and that may well be true, but when it comes to lotions, potions, creams, gels and miracle pots of magic that are going to make me look younger, prettier or simply make my eyes “pop” then you can count me IN! Continue reading Toxic beauty, cancer and me – the story of a natural beauty revolution

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Motherhood and cancer: Pink pigs and Muddy puddles

“Muddy puddles’ will never be the same! Peppa Pig became a rather large pink presence in our family when our daughter was about a year old. THAT theme tune will forever be etched on my brain, plush princess versions and Grandpa’s boat sailing around in the bath, were a staple accessory, and it still concerns me, to this day, that Miss Rabbit was perhaps slightly over worked and underpaid!

Yet, that little pink pig saved the day in more ways than one. When my daughter was twenty months old, I had a secondary breast cancer diagnosis. I had been twenty six when I was first diagnosed and was always so worried that the chemotherapy would make it difficult to have children.

By some miracle we conceived within a couple of months and eighteen months after her arrival, at a routine check up, my consultant found a lump in my clavicle and the scans showed spots on my sternum. It was a complete shock and this time I had so much more to lose. I had a family. A husband. We were moving to our dream home.

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Motherhood and cancer: Girls, I need to tell you something…

On International Women’s Day and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be good to have a few posts about cancer and motherhood, as the impact on your family is such a major part of the journey. As the mum to two gorgeous girls, one of my first thoughts on being told I had cancer (just after the “what the actual F***” thought had flashed through my mind a few times) was “how on earth am I going to tell the girls” and it was with this thought that the tears and panic came. Because as parents, we are programmed to want to protect our kids and a cancer diagnosis impacts your kids almost as much as you. What if you can’t be a good mum whilst you are having treatment? What if you don’t make it and you leave your children without a mum? It is unthinkable, and shocking, and hard to even think about these possibilities, but these are the thoughts that go through your mind.

My daughters were 16 and 14 at the time of my diagnosis, and I think that telling them was one of the most difficult things I have encountered in this journey. I knew that, as teenagers, they were old enough to understand the dreaded C-word but were probably not mature enough to understand it all. At this point, I wasn’t even sure that I understood it all, so what chance did they have!

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Surviving Radiotherapy

So the mysterious world of Radiotherapy… personally I found this part of my treatment plan one giant roller coaster from an emotional point of view, and I would say also, that for me it was the hardest physically – although I know many others breeze through it. It just goes to show, different courses for different horses…

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Surviving chemo – what to take with you to chemotherapy

It’s taken me quite a while to get this blog post together, taken time to be able to put my thoughts about chemo into a coherent stream of consciousness and something that makes sense, and hopefully offers a bit of insight into what chemotherapy is like and some tips on getting through it. This will be a series of posts because there is just too much to put into one post, especially as I have always been a talker!

So, one of the first questions that I asked myself when I was preparing myself for chemotherapy, was “what should I take with me to a chemo session?” What do you pack in a hospital bag when you are going for chemotherapy? It is difficult when you don’t know what to expect. Mentally, I wanted to prepare myself as much as possibly for what to expect from my chemotherapy session too and what I was about to experience too. For anyone else finding themselves in this situation, here are my thoughts and top tips:

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