Our Social Mission

Our mission and approach to business

Supporting Individuals

Lions, Tigers & Bears exists to provide somewhere that people affected by cancer can find what they need to help them manage their diagnosis and their personal cancer journey with style, sass, and attitude.

To help them feel good, to feel confident, and to feel empowered in the face of cancer – to help them find their roar!

We offer access to products, services, information and advice which help people affected by cancer to proactively and positively manage the side effects from treatment and their illness, their mental wellbeing, the practical aspects of living with cancer, and support them in living life to the full – undefined by their illness.

We feel a strong social responsibility – cancer can strip you of who you are, your sense of self, your security, and your physical and mental wellbeing. Our primary aim is to help people affected by cancer to feel good, to feel like themselves, to feel empowered, and to have access to what they need to help them achieve this.

Our mission and approach to business

Supporting UK Cancer Charities

There are hundreds of charities in the UK supporting people affected by cancer – whether that is by providing direct support, advice, or researching treatments and cures. We commit to supporting the phenomenal work that these charities do by:

  • Profit-sharing:  donating 30% of our profits to a selected range of UK based cancer charities
  • Direct donation: shoppers can supplement their purchase with an additional direct donation to our cancer charity fund at checkout
  • Pay it forward capability: gift voucher recipients can donate some or all of their gift voucher to our cancer charity fund
  • Free advertising for charities & not-for-profit organisations – in our directory, on our blog, and in our events calendar. We aim to showcase the work, campaigns & events of the brilliant work that these charities are doing. Completely free, now and forever

To view the charities that we support through our fundraising and profit sharing scheme, please click here

If you are a UK based cancer charity and would like to join our support programme, please drop us an email at [email protected]

Our mission and approach to business

Our values & beliefs

Our mission and approach to business
Our mission and approach to business

Our approach to business is very simple. We believe in quality of products, responsibility to the earth, to each other and to our animal pals, transparency of information and a friendly, professional approach at all times.

We strongly believe in the importance of reducing the toxic load on our bodies and within our environment. The skincare and make up products we stock are natural, free from all nasties and harmful toxins – such as parabens and sulphates, and are never, ever tested on animals! Greenwashing makes us mad, and we only stock brands that we would be happy using ourselves.

We select products based on quality, personal experience, trusted endorsements or because they are on our own wish list.

We are trying to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible, because there is no planet B, and we very much hope that when you receive your order from us, you will do the same.

Our mission and approach to business
Our mission and approach to business