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``There may be lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my!”

Find your roar

Lions, Tigers & Bears is here to help people affected by cancer to navigate the yellow brick road that is life with and after a cancer diagnosis.
We know how scary and daunting that news can be, and how overwhelming it can be to find the information, support, products, services and advice you need.
Our aim is to help bring some of these things together, to help you manage your situation with style, sass, and attitude, and most importantly, to help you find your roar in the face of cancer.

About Lions, Tigers & Bears


Message from Emma

Lions, tigers & bears started with the search for a Picc-line cover...

After my breast cancer diagnosis in 2017, I felt defined by my cancer, like I had lost my identity on the day I got diagnosed. It was important to me that I still be ``me`` whilst undergoing treatment, not just a patient, not someone to feel sorry for. I wasn't brave and inspirational, I was just a normal woman, trying to get on with life whilst trying to overcome something that would affect me physically, mentally and emotionally.

I found it hard to find what I needed, products that reflected my personality and that fit with my ethics, and support & advice that genuinely helped.

So Lions, Tigers & Bears was born, with aim of bringing together independent brands and high quality products that you may need, an online directory to find businesses and services that you may need access to whilst undergoing or recovering from treatment, plus information, support and inspiration from within the cancer community from those who have been through it.

Cancer can be a lonely business, scary and overwhelming at times. Lions, Tigers & Bears aims to empower patients, giving them the tools, information and support to find their roar in the face of cancer.